Living Exhibits

How It Works

We provide the animals already trained for interaction, educational graphics and content, exhibit theme elements, the exhibit structure and training of all associated staffing.

Living Exhibits provides two exhibit supervisors to provide technical management including animal care and life support of the exhibit during the entire run of the exhibit.

Your institution provides, crowd control, cash control and operations external to the exhibit. Living Exhibits works with your marketing, operations, education and animal husbandry/veterinary staffs to insure success.

Our animals are preconditioned to provide interactive experiences for your visitors.

Who does What?

What Living Exhibits does…

  • Design and build the animal habitat.
  • Provide permit acquisition support
  • Provide project management and oversight.
  • Provide the animals, animal food, life support and animal care.
  • Provide the husbandry staffing.
  • Provide daily curatorial exhibit reports.
  • Provide marketing support and graphics.
  • Off-season winterization and end of project removal.

What you do…

  • Provide the exhibit space
  • Provide food storage space
  • Provide water, waste water access, natural gas and electricity.
  • Permit process.
  • Provide exhibit and life support area cover.
  • Provide cash control, crowd control and security.
  • Provide interpretive staff.
  • Provide merchandising and surrounding support such as food services.